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2019 Professional Hypnotherapy Certification

Our 200-hour Professional Hypnotherapy Certification Training is offered on weekends, generally twice each month, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday*.

The full course consists of five steps with approximately 40 hours of class time for each step. In addition to attending all scheduled lectures and participating with in-class practice activities, students are expected to perform some homework assignments outside of class.

Successful completion of the final exam is required in order to receive your Certified Hypnotherapist designation.

Step 1

June 1-2 Orientation, Introduction, Counseling

June 22-23 Gestalt Therapy

July 6 Inner Guides



Step 2

July 7  Hypnosis Skills

July 20-21 Inner Energies

August 3-4 Inner Child 1



Step 3

August 17-18 Y Path

August 24-25 Inner Healer

September 14  Shadow



Step 4

September 15 Hypnosis Skills

September 28-29 Higher Self, Inner Child 2

October 12-13 Historical Framing, Parts Party

Step 5

October 26-27  Squishy

November 2-3 Control Room

November 16-17  Addictions, Business, Directive

Final Exam and Graduation

December 7

·All class dates and times are subject to change.



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