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Welcome to AHA Hypnosis School!

Whether you are simply fascinated by the subconscious mind or desire to help yourself and others through the art of hypnosis, you’ve come to the right place.

AHA Hypnosis School teaches a non-directive, feminine style of hypnosis based on a merging of multiple philosophies and honed by the founder into a proven, effective process designed to maximize healing, understanding and growth for the client. You won't find people clucking like chickens or singing like pop stars! Instead, students practice being facilitators for clients, allowing them to use the sensory methods and symbolic imagery that is most effective for them to achieve their desired outcome.

Feel free to keep exploring. If you have any questions, comments, or would like more information than you find online, call or email. We'd love to hear from you!

               The Process

               Feminine Hypnosis

Different people need different approaches to trance and hypnotherapy.  Hypnotherapy is using the hypnotic state to access the client’s inner resources. There are generally two different styles of hypnosis, the authoritarian direct approach, where the hypnotist ‘directs’ the client into the trance, often using a scripted set of words. The hypnotist that utilizes this approach would generally have a standard format for everyone.  The next approach is the permissive approach. In the permissive approach, the hypnotherapist utilizes everything that is in the client’s sensory experience and the immediate environment to facilitate the process where trance is naturally accessed.  Each session is designed to be personalized to the client for their unique and specific needs.  Due to this, the permissive approach is superior to an authoritarian approach for each session is customized to the client.


The Process is a specific permissive approach to hypnotherapy that will give the Hypnotherapist the ability to have perfect sessions for the client every time.  The clients will have perfect sessions for it’s their subconscious that is directing the sessions, and in total correct control.  In other words, The Process is not something done to the client; it’s done with the client.



               The Purpose

The Purpose to which we commit...

We teach, learn, lead and serve, connecting people with, the conscious, subconscious, various energies, and the Universe, engaging with them in transforming ways.


The Vision of what we want to become...


A thriving, well-known and sought –out educational resource that reflects the rich diversity of you.

The Values we strive to live by...



We teach, model and expect the freedom to hold and say any belief that we have, and allow others the same space with their beliefs.


Open and empty

We allow the others to be, to say, to experience what they need to experience. We do this by keeping our; beliefs, values, prejudices and judgments out of the session.


This training includes the opportunity for personal growth and discovering your own inner resources. The AHA believes that in order for this to be a positive experience for students, a safe and supportive environment needs to be established. By practicing confidentiality and respectfulness, we can create this sacred space for your learning and healing.



Respect and honor the differences of your classmates, assistants, and instructors. Take advantage of this opportunity to practice non-judgment, a practice that is essential when working with clients.


Believe in Yourself

You are capable.

You are capable and lovable.

You are capable, lovable and worthy to be loved, by others and by yourself.






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